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Kharkiv: training

Kharkiv: training "Organizing of busines: where to start?" (Oleksiy Haharinov)

Date: tue, 27.06.2017 Time: 17:45 - 20:00 City: Kharkiv

The company is in a state of chaos? Do not know where to start? If the business is a system and in order to make it work you need to flash the system into one that will work. Setting up systems and processes allow businesses to operate as efficiently as possible, without the intervention of the owner and thus generate a stable income that grows.

Kyiv: master class

Kyiv: master class "How a personal assistant can make a boss happier" (Petro Sinegub)

Date: mon, 26.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Kyiv

Have you ever been small work prevented from performing more important tasks? Did your work required competences from different spheres? Does your staff need to be completed wiht an universal worker? Then a personal assistant will make you happier!



Date: fri, 23.06.2017 Time: 10:00-19:00 City: Lviv

Program aims Learn to business owners and managers to properly manage human resources according to strategic business objectives, using effective mechanisms for selection and motivation to improve productivity of their work

Lviv: training

Lviv: training "Main problems of web projects analysts. The nuances and pitfalls" (PAVLO LYSYI)

Date: fri, 23.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Lviv

At the training you will learn what web analytics is and why it is needed. What resources to use? What are the goals to set, in order to achieve quick results? How to track customer in traffic flow?

Lviv: workshop

Lviv: workshop "Private medicine today, in search of balance" (А. Romanovska, Y. Mishchenko)

Date: thu, 22.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Lviv

Modern Ukrainian medicine is facing a lot of challenges. Has a free medical care a chance ? What are the requirements to the private institutions and practices? How to choose the right path of development of health services in modern conditions? Try to find a balance in the discussions questions.

Lutsk: training

Lutsk: training "Dealing with denials" '(SHARHORODSKYI OLEH)

Date: wed, 21.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Lutsk

Have you ever almost close the deal with clients but collide into "I'll think," "I need to consult," etc.? Did you know that this is a classic denial, with which you can work? How? Find out at the training!

Lviv: Seminar

Lviv: Seminar "Non-financial motivation of employees" (Galina Trytyak)

Date: wed, 21.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Lviv

Team - is the foundation of your business. Fully motivated team - is key to your success. Usual method to motivate employees, the money, sometimes does not work in full. How to motivate employees, withstand thr competition from other employers and raise the prestige of your company on the labor market? Learn more on alternative ways of motivating from our expert

Kyiv: expert meeting

Kyiv: expert meeting "Partnership with Germany: training and experience" (Svitlana Stepaschenko, Maksym Prokopov)

Date: wed, 21.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Kyiv

Do you want to learn how to start a business in Germany and successfully enter the German market? Are you looking for options for cooperation with German companies? We will tell about a unique program of the German Society for International Cooperation "GIZ" "Fit for Partnership with Germany" and share the experience of participation in the program.

Ivano-Frankivsk: workshop

Ivano-Frankivsk: workshop "Conflicts. Issue price" (Alexander POHODOSCHUK)

Date: wed, 21.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Ivano - Frankivsk

Development is not possible without disputes and conflicts. But is not so easy to get out of the conflict with the benefit for yourself . Thar`s why it is important to learn to be "conflict manager" and achieve the desired result. On in this workshop you will hear фищге the strategy of behavior in conflict risks and benefits of it and a lot of interesting life hacking .

Ternopil:  workshop

Ternopil: workshop "How to get 1000 target clients monthly by using SMM without advertising" (Serhiy Hutyuk)

Date: wed, 21.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Ternopil

Today, social media marketing has become the basis for business promotion. SMM is able to bring no less customers than advertising, if it is properly and efficiently organized. How to do it effectively? What should emphasize and what should not be allowed on the business pages on social networks? After this workshop you will perfectly arrange your page and start to attract more customers.

Lviv: Presentation of the invest project AT Chicken Foot

Lviv: Presentation of the invest project AT Chicken Foot

Date: wed, 21.06.2017 Time: 16:00 - 18:00 City: Lviv

Welcome to the presentation of the invest project AT Chicken Foot .

Львів: круглий стіл

Львів: круглий стіл "Адвокація для розвитку торгівлі"

Date: tue, 20.06.2017 Time: 18:15 - 21:00 City: Lviv

Круглий стіл проводиться з метою обговорення існуючих проблем у сфері експортно-імпортної торгівлі, з якими щодня стикаються підприємці Львова та Львівської області та напрацювання механізмів їх усунення. Як результат, буде закладено фундамент для покращення комунікації між владою та місцевим бізнесом і започатковано розробку рекомендацій зі сторони підприємців, що сприятимуть оптимізації даного процесу.

Ternopil: seminar

Ternopil: seminar "A website that sells" (Maxim Trikoz)

Date: fri, 16.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Ternopil

At the seminar you will learn how to turn the site into an effective business tool that will lead your customers, save your resources and strengthen your position.

Kharkov: Closed business meeting

Kharkov: Closed business meeting "EAST-WEST: well as to establish bridges for business"

Date: thu, 15.06.2017 Time: 15:30-19:30 City: Kharkov

Small business - the foundation for successful development. United and strong small business - the key to prosperity in every Ukrainian region. Welcome to closed business meeting ""Small business - a great game,"" in which two major business clubs in Western and Eastern Ukraine sign memorandum of association of a single structure to maximize the representation of the interests and development of small business in Kharkiv in Ukraine in general.

Ternopil: training

Ternopil: training "Inbound-methodology in marketing and sales. How to make your customers look for you" (Anatoly Denis)

Date: wed, 14.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Ternopil

At this event, you will get acquainted with modern approaches in e-marketing and online sales, inbound methodology and its tools. Understand how it can work for your company and increase the efficiency of marketing and sales. Also, you'll get practical advice on how to implement it and make as little mistakes as possible from the business owner perspective.

"Rivne: workshop ""Marketing from 0 to 1. How to start, and what not to do"" (Artem Naavhust)"

Date: wed, 14.06.2017 Time: 17:00 – 20:00 City: Rivne

Today marketing is an essential part of any successful business. But where to start? How to understand your key audience? How to choose methods that will work for you us a plus? And, more importantly, why?

Lutsk: мaster-сlass

Lutsk: мaster-сlass "Advertising in the media. How? Where? Why?" (Natalia Pakhaichuk)

Date: wed, 14.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Lutsk

How to find customers among local audiences of Internet media? How to successfully select the media for your advertising? What kind could advertising in the media be and how to choose it for your needs? Should you be afraid of labeling advertising?

Kyiv: training

Kyiv: training "Unleash the power within" (Ninel Nezhura)

Date: wed, 14.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Kyiv

A short, but very intense, compressed version of the highlights of the famous training of Tony Robbins "Unleash the power within", which more than 3 million people have visited worldwide. You will find a fascinating work on the disclosure of personal potential, for which you get a strategy to increase personal effectiveness to raise the level and quality of your life.

Ivano-Frankivsk: workshop

Ivano-Frankivsk: workshop "Business model: how to make a puzzle?" (Michaylo Tkach)

Date: wed, 14.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Ivano - Frankivsk

What is business? Why all businesses are different, yet so similar? Business strategy tells us that they all consist of the same blocks, but other content. Changing one component, you are creating an equally unique business imprint as a fingerprint.

Lviv: Seminar

Lviv: Seminar "The new procedure for verification of compliance with labor and tax law" ( OKSANA YEZERSKA, NADIIA SUKHODOLSKA)

Date: wed, 14.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Lviv

From 16/05/2017 came into force the order № 399, which updated the audit procedure for compliance taxpayer principle of "arm's length". Let's talk, what has changed, what should be the focuses of taxpayers checking and how to use changes in their favor

Lviv: business workshop

Lviv: business workshop "How to develop a selfselling product" (Ruslan Beltukov)

Date: fri, 09.06.2017 Time: 18:15-21:00 City: Lviv

The ability to sell the product is a skill, and the ability to create a product that sells itself is an art. We invite You to examine the method of development of a product, client would buy without aggressive sales.

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