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Kyiv: master class

Kyiv: master class "How a personal assistant can make a boss happier" (Petro Sinegub)

Date: mon, 26.06.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Kyiv

Have you ever been small work prevented from performing more important tasks? Did your work required competences from different spheres? Does your staff need to be completed wiht an universal worker? Then a personal assistant will make you happier!

Rivne : recipes for success

Rivne : recipes for success "Boriy": "Reliability and taste - our trademark" (Anatoly Bortnik)

Date: thu, 29.06.2017 Time: 12:00-20:00 City: Rivne

There are people after talking to which you grow wings. They show that by having a character you can do super-power structure from almoust nothing. Anatoly Bortnik is one of them. For the last 5 years bread that Anatoly Bortnik bakes at ""Boriy"" has been recognized as the best bread in Rivne.

All cities: smart-weekend

All cities: smart-weekend "Work. Life. Balance" (R. Belyutyukov, P.Bachynskyi)

Date: fri, 30.06.2017 Time: City: All cities

The combination of work and relax, a symbiosis of business and intensive networking, clean mountain air and usefull life hacking. The modern life does not leav enought time for yourselves, but to be successful you must also be happy. How to find balance and where to find a source for energy recovery? Smart-weekend program helps life on desired results and fully enjoy all its colors. Feel the taste of summer. Have a usefull relaxation.

Rivne : training

Rivne : training "Intellectual property for business" (Yuriy Trachuk)

Date: wed, 05.07.2017 Time: 17:00 - 20:00 City: Rivne

You do not know how to register a trade mark or defend your intellectual property rights on the Internet? Do you think of a unique name or want to promote your brand and have him all legal rights? How to protect your rights and do not violate the rights of others - to find out the seminar.

Ternopil : workshop

Ternopil : workshop "Make a simple restaurant in work and income" (Pavlo Bobryk)

Date: wed, 05.07.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Ternopil

Director of the restaurant: what, how and when. The team and its task is to achieve the best results. As the director of an exclusive control start and development of the restaurant to increase profits and the owner to focus on profit.

Lutsk: training

Lutsk: training "Reinstallation of the team performance"(Lyudmila Pentsak)

Date: wed, 05.07.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Lutsk

In any team there comes a moment when the movement stops. Let's talk about how to awaken the employees' inner desire to perform their work qualitatively and work with maximum efficiency.

Ivano-Frankivsk: training

Ivano-Frankivsk: training "A man and a woman: psychology features" (Maryanna Pryimak)

Date: thu, 06.07.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Ivano - Frankivsk

At its core, the man and woman - two completely different creatures. Often misunderstanding the nature of an article is causing the problem in the relationship. There fore, it is important to know the psychology of men and women. Everyone believes that doing right, and problems nevertheless not disappear, but rather get their development. And the reason for all - psychology. Different psychology, and most importantly, it affects all areas of life, including business.

Kyiv: seminar

Kyiv: seminar "Instagram for business: how beautiful photos lead customers" (Lyubov Rudnitska)

Date: thu, 06.07.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Kyiv

A beautiful picture can sell much more than even a very creative text. Today, being present at Instagram is almost a requirement for a successful business. If you already have an account in this network, but do not know how to handle it? If your page still does not have the desired result or you are still postponing your future registration with Instagram - come to our event and make your online business even more effective.

Business Coaching School (Natalya Romanenko, Natalia Koliadko)

Business Coaching School (Natalya Romanenko, Natalia Koliadko)

Date: fri, 07.07.2017 Time: 10:00-19:00 City: Lviv

You will learn from an experienced coach Natalia Koliadko at the School of business coaching: how to teach innovative techniques of personnel management, increase your productivity and your team and put into operation algorithms of coaching in organizations tested in Ukrainian and international companies.

Lviv: Seminar

Lviv: Seminar "Real estate for business" (Taras Bachynskyy, Tetyana Kordiyaka)

Date: wed, 12.07.2017 Time: 18:15 – 21:00 City: Lviv

Arriving at the seminar, you will learn about the basic aspects of buying space in new buildings. There will cover legal aspects of leasing office, why should check not only the agreement, but the landlord and the most common abuses by landlords. Additionally, talk about the legal risks commerce purchases in the secondary market.

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