Event description: Together with SOTNIKOV GROUP you will learn: 3 secrets of efficiency, tools for controlling tasks, which leads to increased company revenue, data on how to manage any number of cases and not lose income. SOTNIKOV GROUP is a team of professional top managers and business consultants that helps owners become painful and build system business.

Event description: Бізнес-інтенсив, що надасть Вам комплексне бачення бізнесу та еталонну модель розвитку бізнесу на різних етапах його життя.

26.09.2017 17:00-20:00
Ivano-Frankivsk: business game "Wekanomy"
City: Ivano - Frankivsk

Event description: Wekanomy is a game created by Ukrainian for Ukrainians based on the game "Cash Flow"! 100% adapted business game to the conditions of our lives. By simulating their lives through the game, participants can understand what is in the financial space at the moment, and develop new strategies that will lead them to financial success. The game helps everyone who wants to see their lives from a different angle and replace ineffective behavior strategies with those that give maximum results.


Published: 15-06-2011

The first marriage couple established due to the Club

These days we were observing the formation of new family union between two Club members – Olesya Pozychaylo and Valentyn Khaletskyi.

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Published: 12-06-2011

Negotiations with the Moscow Club of Entrepreneurs

On June 11, 2011 in Moscow the meeting of Business Community Club Business Centre director Ruslan Beltyukov and Moscow club of Entrepreneurs President Arkady Lopukhov took place.

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Published: 11-06-2011

The first meeting with the Kharkiv Club of Entrepreneurs

On Friday the office of Business Community Club witnessed the meeting with Kharkov Entrepreneurs Club (http://xkp.com.ua/) President Olexandr Vasiliev

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