Event description: This training - is a great opportunity to read the TOC, its pros and cons. The chance to ask questions to leading industry expert about the flow control on the basis of TOC, Lean, Toyota Production System. The chance to consider theown cases problems.

Event description: The key of landing is clear proposition for your clients. Therefore landing is ideal for selling a product that is already familiar to consumers.The key components of landing on AIDA model are: Image and heading, that will attract your client's attention; a clear call to action; clear value of your proposal; answers to your customers' guestions; use images and short texts. Tell your customer a story, as a friend in a conversation.

Event description: What is e-mail marketing and how it works in business? At the workshop you will learn how to reach out to customers and sell products through e-mails, and most importantly, how to make the e-mail message to be read from the title until the end.


Published: 15-06-2011

The first marriage couple established due to the Club

These days we were observing the formation of new family union between two Club members – Olesya Pozychaylo and Valentyn Khaletskyi.

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Published: 12-06-2011

Negotiations with the Moscow Club of Entrepreneurs

On June 11, 2011 in Moscow the meeting of Business Community Club Business Centre director Ruslan Beltyukov and Moscow club of Entrepreneurs President Arkady Lopukhov took place.

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Published: 11-06-2011

The first meeting with the Kharkiv Club of Entrepreneurs

On Friday the office of Business Community Club witnessed the meeting with Kharkov Entrepreneurs Club (http://xkp.com.ua/) President Olexandr Vasiliev

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