Event description: In the era of the Internet, everyone knows the principles and the basics of advancement. How to write text, what tools to promote your content to use, what should pay attention to social networks, and what is generally better to avoid. Find out on the webinar.

Event description: Have you ever been so small work prevented you from performing more important tasks. Did it happen that your work required competences from different spheres? Does your staff need to complete a universal worker? Then a personal assistant will make you happier!

Event description: Bitcoin is a value that belongs to you, not a bank or a state. It was created as an experiment of decentralized money by enthusiasts, which solved the problems of trust in the digital network. You have probably seen a stream of news about cybercriminals, their notorious course and the constant mention of the obscure word "blockchain". We will try to understand why everyone is talking about it and why this technology is needed.


Published: 15-06-2011

The first marriage couple established due to the Club

These days we were observing the formation of new family union between two Club members – Olesya Pozychaylo and Valentyn Khaletskyi.

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Published: 12-06-2011

Negotiations with the Moscow Club of Entrepreneurs

On June 11, 2011 in Moscow the meeting of Business Community Club Business Centre director Ruslan Beltyukov and Moscow club of Entrepreneurs President Arkady Lopukhov took place.

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Published: 11-06-2011

The first meeting with the Kharkiv Club of Entrepreneurs

On Friday the office of Business Community Club witnessed the meeting with Kharkov Entrepreneurs Club (http://xkp.com.ua/) President Olexandr Vasiliev

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