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TICKET TO SUCCESS is a social project of the Business Community Club, the purpose of which is to form a new generation of leaders of Ukraine by involving adolescents and youth in development and leadership projects based on principles of individual ethics and social responsibility.

The project is a part of the Business Community Club and its members social responsibility and is unprofitable.

The strategic mission lies in a new generation of leaders of Ukraine.

Strategic goal by 2021 involves the creation of an independent project which will annually unite 50,000 adolescents aged 12 to 23 and qualify 5,000 young people with a set of defined leadership skills and achievements.

Who is the project intended for? Currently, teens aged 14-17 years can participate and in the future adolescents aged 12 to 23 will be able to participate as well. Children from well off families participate in the project at the social value while the participation of children from low-income families is funded by sponsors.

The project coverage area - Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk (and in the future - all regions of Ukraine).


  1. SOFT SKILS (Leadership, Networking - establishing of business contacts, creativity and crafts).
  2. Culture of different spheres: health and sports, relationships, family, family, society and ethics, spirituality and patriotism, finance and prosperity.
  3. Computer skills (General user skills, Microsoft Office, Internet, software solutions for presentations).
  4. English.
  5. Education.
  6. Business. Careers. Experience (Vocational guidance, training, volunteering, leadership project management).


Principle 1: We help each other as a single community.

Principle 2. We follow ethical standards in personal relations.

Principle 3. We support the equality of each project participant.

Principle 4. We promote a healthy lifestyle and versatile personality development.

Principle 5. We accept only those young people to the project participation, those who are wishing to develop and build their future.

Principle 6. We provide only one “ticketˮ and participants who violate the principles of the project will not be able to renew their participation in the program.

Principle 7. We tolerate political views of the project participants and their families. We are a non-political project.

Principle 8. We respect the religion of the project participants and their families. We are a secular project.

Principle 9: We are open to new possibilities and cooperation with other organizations on partnership terms.

Principle 10. The project is carried out within the framework of the social activities of the Business Community Club and its members.


Basic 10-year program (Club format) provides a large number of group and individual activities, projects and services aimed at adolescents and young people development in certain directions.

Additional intensive programs provide a deeper study of certain subjects and deepening of certain skills (Leadership programs, the English language, Computer skills, Summer camps, etc.). Additional intensive programs are not included in the basic program and can be carried out by third parties under the coordination of the project.


Social contribution to cover the costs constitutes UAH 500 yearly participation for one person. It is paid by the childrenʼs parents or sponsors who want to “grant a ticketˮ to a child from a low-income family.

Address: 16 Liska Str., Business Community Club, NGO
Nataliya Panchyshyn,
Project Coordinator:
+38 097 48 10 257
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