Published: 30-12-2014

Last year there were a lot of significant events taking place in the Business Community Club. We are grateful to everyone who helped, inspired and was at hand at the right moment. Thank you for being with us.

Summary of our achievements in 2014:

  • 370 events of educational, business and communicative nature were held.
  • Number of members increased to 550 people.
  • Intellectual Marathon” (42 events within 42 days) and “Business Trends 2015” (25 events) Projects were realized.
  • More than 2000 business inquiries were elaborated regarding selection of partners, clients, contractors or response to other business challenges.
  • Free business counselling for new Club members was implemented with regard to business development.
  • Cooperation was established with several international organizations.
  • The Business Community Club facilitated the provision of educational grants for MBA Executive Management in the amount of about EUR 37,500 for 16 Club members.
  • Lviv Business Nights” was held on the occasion of the 5th Club anniversary.
  • Memorandum “On the Ethics and Partnership Between Business, Government and the Society” was compiled and signed.
  • A number of social responsibility projects were realized, namely “Ticket to Success” project, which now involves 80 adolescents aged 14-17 years.
  • On December 5, 2014the Club Branch was launched in Kiev.
  • Preparations started for launching branches in Ternopil and Odessa.
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